With BetRebels you will have the widest sports offer on the market, with over 18 different disciplines: Football, Formula 1, Moto GP, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and much more. You can choose from over 150 types of bets, around 330 live events every day and over 5000 pre-matches every week.

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Cash out

I can't cash out my ticket.

Cashout is an optional procedure. It is not possible to cashout a ticket if one or more selections are no longer available on the site.


Can I receive a sports promotion without a deposit?

No, sports promotions are generally linked to deposits unless special and / or temporary promotions have been launched which will still be described on the promotions page.

When I activate the code a message appears: "the bonus code does not exist"

You are trying to activate a sports bonus through the wrong section (redeem bonus). The right section is Sports-> My bets-> Bonus


When I activate the code a message appears: "no bonus plan found"

Sometimes the codes can be corrupted and unusable. In this case you can connect to Live Chat or contact customer service at cs@betrebels.com for an immediate code replacement.

I made my deposit but the sports bonus hasn't been credited to my account.

Sports bonuses are not automatic, they must be requested via email to bonus@betrebels.com

I have sent the email for the sports bonus but I have not received the code yet

Bonus requests are processed in order of arrival. In particular, during the first days of the month there may be delays in the generation and sending of bonus codes. The wait, at worst, should never last more than an hour.

I was refused a sports bonus

Sports bonuses are not automatic. As specified at points 18 (welcome bonus) and 12 (loyalty bonus), BetRebels reserves the right to modify, cancel, revoke and refuse any promotion at its sole discretion. Although, in all cases, there is always a reason for this decision, BetRebels won't disclose it.

I have activated the sport code but I don't see it in my balance

The sports bonus will not be visible in the real balance before the end of the rollover. The bonus balance, the expiry date and the remaining rollover can be found in Sport-> My bets-> Bonus

Can I place bets with the balance deposited before activating the sports bonus?

No, for the purpose of the rollover calculation, it is not possible to place bets with the deposit on which a bonus was requested, before the activation of the bonus itself, under penalty of cancellation of the bonus and all related winnings, whether they were made with the deposit on which the bonus was requested and with the bonus itself.

I placed a bet with bonus credit but the amount was not deducted from my rollover counter

The bet has not been settled yet, it has been canceled or it does not meet the odds or market requirements.

I placed a bet with bonus credit but was not credited with my winnings

Winnings related to bets made with bonus credit will be added to the bonus balance available at: Sports-> My Bets-> Bonus. Once the rollover is completed, the bonus balance (including winnings) will be converted into real money and can be withdrawn.

I have used up the sport bonus and it has expired. Do i still have to complete the rollover?

If the bonus expires but there is still remaining balance or winnings from the deposit on which the bonus was requested, the rollover is still active and must be concluded before being able to withdraw. If the system does not continue with the rollover calculation, we recommend that you contact Live Chat or customer service at cs@betrebels.com for an update on the rollover status.

I have completed the bonus rollover but the bonus balance has not yet been converted into real credit

One or more bets made with the bonus balance are still in progress. If the rollover is completed, you can either wait for the bets in question to be settled, or you can cash out (if available).

I have received and completed the sports bonus, can I receive others in the same month?

Yes, sports bonuses are awarded in relation to monthly net deposits. It will be possible to request the Silver bonus, on net deposits of 500 euros or higher; the Gold bonus, on net deposits of € 1000 or higher, and the Platinum bonus for net deposits of € 2000 or above.The Silver, Gold and Platinum bonus amount is equal to 100 euros.

When can I get a freebet?

Freebet is a promotional tool that is usually given to new customers for the purpose of trying the platform. Occasionally, and at the discretion of the bonus department, it is possible to receive a freebet when the net deposits approach, without reaching, the threshold for the next loyalty bonus.

I received a code for a freebet but if I try to bet the credit is deducted from the "real balance"

You need to activate the Freebet toggle on the Betslip


I won the freebet, are there any rollover constraints?

No, the freebet has no replay restrictions. Winnings can be wagered on any product or withdrawn.

Can I activate a freebet if I have an active sports bonus?

No, you can only activate one sport code at a time.